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Artist Statement

My practice generally incorporates found materials with painting, drawing and photography. I work intuitively, across a variety of media as needed. Many of my projects incorporate socio-historically laden materials which bear accumulations of labour or histories of taste. Over the past 15 years these have included such materials as milk, linoleum, sheet music, mattresses, t-shirts, yarn, rope, and art world form letters. Many of my projects recuperate historical value in ways which revise expected narratives.

I am a founding member of Art Mamas, a Vancouver art collective composed of nine artist mothers. Our collective formed in 2015 in response to a practical need to counter the denigration of motherhood within professional spheres such as the art world. Without understating the real structural constraints of parenthood on our practices, the collective highlights the multifaceted meaning, grit, commitment, insight, and knowledge that this position generates in our work.